Romania is a country with a genuine culture, wonderful nature and hospitable people.

Romania has also interesting social projects.

Welcome to romania and we will show you.


B─âile Felix and 1 Mai are two thermal spa resorts located just outside Oradea,

The facilities of the two resorts offer treatment of rheumatism and neurological and gynecological diseases. The modern medical base has at its disposal various facilities for procedures involving electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aerosols, massage, paraffin packing and other water treatments.

Bears Caves

Oradea State Philharmonics has a rich and remarkable history. Since it was founded more than six decades ago, the institution proved that the talent and know-how attitude of its staff in each concert assured the success of the concert to music lovers.

The architecture in Oradea is exciting and interesting

To visit a Romanian village in the countryside is a rich experience

Citadel of Oradea