Jaco du Plessis is the founder and began to produce protheses in Casa Minunata´s garage and now he conducts operations in Oradea, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca

Utvecklingspedagogik is a welfare company in Sweden and competence partner to Casa Minunata. UPAB was founded by Jan-Åke Ahlström 1994, aimed to children, young people and adults with disabilities. Here you find pre-school, primary and basic special schools with recreation centers, upper secondary and high schools.

The Swedish couple Lars and Barbro Gustavsson, came to Marghita in the early 90s to help abandoned children and young people to a future, to give them a value and a hope. The work started in state institutions. More than sixty Romanians are employed in the various projects and on-site are a team of volunteers from different countries.

Caminul Felix has two villages in Oradea with 16 families caring for over 200 children.

Founder: Lars Hörnberg

Students of OradeaUniversity do practice at Casa Minunata. Students from the University international exchange program makes experiences and volontary work at Casa Minunata

- a Christian Charity from Oradea, Romania, founded by Samuil Mitra in 1998. It was born as a natural reaction to the drama of the street children, some of them coming from the orphanages, others deserted by theirliving parents were begging at the church doors on Sundays.