Casa Minunata is an pedagogic, social and physical model how to design a school for all children. An inclusive school.

Casa Minunata is a school that is aimed for children with disabilities, but in communion with typical children

Children do their best work when they are in environments where they feel valued and where they feel they belong.

Inclusive education emphasizes the idea that all students with special education needs should be educated in general education classrooms, but not in ways where they are stigmatized or grouped in any specific or routine way. Every teacher who reads this knows how difficult this is to accomplish, yet once we start doing it we shall never look back.

Adriana du Plessis

Director Casa Minunata

It is a tradition of Casa Minunata to bake gingerbread before Christmas.

The children's parents love the activity and long for participation.

Pandemic Covid 19 is a challenge for the school, but the staff handles the difficulties in a trusting way and the teaching can continue.

At Casa Minunata children without disabilities develop their qualities of empathy, understanding, knowledge and self-awareness.

The child suffering from disabilities is developing in an accepting, supportive, loving and creative environment. The child gets a school day like any other child


A society where all children have the same rights and opportunities regardless of whether the child is suffering from any disability.

Casa Minunata is a model in the professional knowledge and skills to contribute to a social sustainability.

All people┬┤s needs are equally important and must be the basis of how to design our society.

All resources must be used in such a way that each individual get equal opportunities to participate in the society.

The deficiencies, in the environment, that makes obstacles to a disabled child, has to be changed.

Ioana Corha, specially trained teacher, at Casa Minunata love the challenge to have one or two children in the group of pupils with special needs. Ioana emphasizes that it is important for the other typical children to accept differences as something natural

Her own children have been staying a lot at Casa Minunata and they does not rule at all on the differences in that regard. Casa Minunats school environment educate individuals receiving understanding and tolerance.

Casa Minunata is a private independent foundation. The activities focuses on pre-school children.

Casa Minunata┬┤s mission is to educate and train children with disabilities to achieve an independent life.

These children are dependent on financial support from donors for their schooling.

Contributions are greatly appreciated through the Swedish support association or directly to the Foundation Casa Minunata.


Casa Minunata is situated in the 900 years old city Oradea

To build the inclusive society we have to start with the school.

Casa    Minunata

awarded as the best school in romania in the category a school without borders